The original "America's Next Top Model" is all ready for Comic-Con -- and man does she have some sexy cosplay ready for the fanboys!

Adrianne Curry just revealed two of the getups she'll be wearing at this year's event and it's clear she  loves showing some skin.

So, who are the scantily-clad femme fatales she's dressing as now? X-Men character Psylocke and the evil Mileena from "Mortal Kombat."

The Mileena costume is definitely pushing some boundaries -- and it'll be interesting to see if she'll actually be able to get onto the convention floor wearing it as is.

In 2011, Curry was told to cover up when the Aeon Flux outfit she was wearing revealing a little too much of her backside.

Check out that costume and pics of her dressed as Princess Leia, a zombie, a sexy Imperial Guard, one of the "Tekken" fighters and more in the gallery above!

And be sure to come back to toofab next week for more Comic-Con coverage. We'll be there reporting on all the biggest movie, TV and celeb news from San Diego!

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