Update: Charlie has just landed the coveted role of Christian Grey in the big screen adaptation of "50 Shades of Grey."

Charlie Hunnam
is making the leap from Jax in "Sons of Anarchy" to the big screen in Guillermo del Toro's blockbuster "Pacific Rim," now in theaters.

In the film, Charlie plays Raleigh Becket, a washed-up pilot called back into service to battle the monstrous kaiju. But instead of a plane, Raleigh pilots a giant mechanized robot called a jaeger. Each pair of jaeger pilots connect to their robots through armored suits, but Charlie clearly didn't need any padding under his, as evidence by the shirtless shot below. Read find fun facts about the hunky hero!


1. Charlie loves his sweets

Despite his impressive six-pack, Charlie loves his sweets. Watch as he reveals his biggest weakness to toofab's Lawrence Yee on the "Pacific Rim" red carpet:

2. Charlie's a Brit

He may have all-American looks, but Charlie is from Newcastle upon Tyne, England, which you can probably tell from the interview above.

3. Charlie's gone gay ... for a role.

Charlie's big break came in 2000, when he was cast as a gay teen in "Queer as Folk." The series was adapted for the United States on Showtime. "I was a pretty fearless kid," Charlie said of the risque role. "I was just amazed that I'd been given this opportunity. I jumped in head first."

Warning: PG-13 Content

4. Charlie was a teen groom.

Charlie married Katharine Towne, the daughter of legendary screenwriter Robert Towne, after just four weeks of dating. He was 19. They divorced after three years but are still amicable. "We were really good friends and remain really good friends," the actor told The Independent. And I'm still close with all of her family. But we were just horrible partners." He's currently dating (sorry ladies).

5. Charlie's a writer, too.

Charlie became enthralled with the story of Vlad the Impaler and sold his script to Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment company. "I don't think I'll be Vlad," Hunnam said back in 2010. "I'm not a big-enough name to justify the size of budget required. We need a movie star."

Maybe he should change his mind after "Pacific Rim!"

To see more shots of Charlie, click on the "Launch Gallery" link above. And for more eye candy, check out his Men's Fitness shirtless shoot here.

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