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Hugh Jackman's ripped physique returns to theaters this weekend in "The Wolverine" and it's as deadly as his character's adamantium claws.

The latest movie marks his 6th outing as the brooding mutant, following appearances in every "X-Men" film to date.

And during a recent press conference at Comic-Con, Hugh revealed why he's loved playing for a superhero for past 13 years.

"I think what X-Men did — and Wolverine is a great example of it — is invent a way to make superheroes human, complex, flawed, interesting," he says.

"That’s why they’re [superheroes in general] played by so many interesting and different actors," he adds. "That’s why so many great directors take them on, because there’s an opportunity of something very very human, as well as something spectacular."

"When I grew up I loved Mad Max, I loved Dirty Harry, I just couldn’t get enough because that’s who I thought was cool," Hugh continues. "That’s who I wish I was like and in a way I think Wolverine fills that kind of archetype. He’s a bit of an anti-hero. He’s conflicted and he is flawed, but at the same time he’s just the last person you want to piss off. There’s something really cool about that."

And he's not done playing the clawed-one yet. Hugh will also return in "X-Men: Days of Future Past" -- click here for more info on that movie.

We'll definitely take as much shirtless Jackman as possible, but is he the hottest superhero out there? This summer, he's had some stiff competition from sexy stars like Henry Cavill in "Man of Steel" and the always entertaining Robert Downey Jr. in "Iron Man 3."

Check out the hottest heroes above -- then tell us your favorite below!

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