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To quote an underappreciated Disney movie, "Hercules? Honey, you mean Hunk-ules!"

That's Kellan Lutz looking more fit than ever on the set of the upcoming "Hercules 3D,"  which he's currently filming in Bulgaria.

The former "Twilight" star plays the title role in the flick, which apparently requires him to partake in a few shirtless sword fights. We're not complaining!

And while most people would have to bulk up more to play the half-mortal son of Zeus, Kellan says that wasn't the case here.

“Well, [director] Renny Harlin, he’s like, 'Kellan, I don’t want you getting bigger. Just get your abs to pop more,'" he recently told Crave Online.

"Even I saw Hercules as this giant guy, but the powers that he harnesses, it’s not like he’s throwing bears into the sky or really fighting off any of the monsters like Clash of the Titans or anything like that," he continues. "It’s really just Gladiator pretty much.”

Whatever he did to get that six-pack to "pop," it definitely worked.

See more sexy superheroes in the gallery above.

"Hercules 3D" is due out March 2014.

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