"Catfish" stars Nev Schulman and Max Joseph seem like pretty laid-back guys -- but on last night's episode, the big reveal made their blood boil.

Early in the show, the viewers were introduced to a sweet 18-year-old from Iowa named Jen, a girl who had fallen for a 22-year-old named Skylar Hazen online.

Problem is, Skylar doesn't exist.

But while most of the so-called "catfishes" on this show turn out to be people with real feelings who just lie about their appearance, the guy behind Hazen -- real name Bryan -- was nothing but a big jerk.

Turns out Bryan was stringing tons of women on, felt nothing for Jen and had no remorse for his actions. 

Jen looked heartbroken while Max and Nev just got angry -- check out the emotionally charged clip above. 

According to Max, it was even more heated in person, but the footage ended up on the cutting room floor.

"There's a bunch of stuff they had to cut out of the episode for legal reasons,"  he tweeted. "I may have overstepped my bounds."

As for why no punches were exchanged, Max adds "Violence never solves anything as tempting as it might seem. Only understanding, patience, and the occasional sass."

How do you think they handled the situation? Sound off below!

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