Tyra Banks can only crown one "America's Next Top Model" each cycle, but that doesn't mean the rest of the contestants aren't memorable.

Last week, toofab's Lawrence Yee got updates from four prior "ANTM" winners, this week, see what fan favorites from the first season to the last have been up to!

Katie Cleary, Cycle 1
Best known for: being "too sexy"

Brittany Brower, Cycle 4 and Cycle 17
Best known for: being "too sexy," mooning a car

Keenyah Hill, Cycle 4
Best known for: gaining weight during the show (but she looks amazing now!)

Jenah Doucette, Cycle 9
Best known for: her stunning photos

AzMarie Livingston, Cycle 18
Best known for: being openly gay and flirting with her fellow models

Kiara Belen, Cycle 19
Best known for: her athletic background, fighting with her fellow contestants

To see what the winners of "America's Next Top Model" have been up to since the show, click on the "Launch Gallery" link below:


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