Snooki has been a very vocal fan of Britney Spears in the past -- and last night, she may have out-danced her idol!

The former "Jersey Shore" star performed a jazz routine to the pop star's "Work Bitch" on Monday's "Dancing with the Stars" and it was a killer performance that rivaled Brit's own movements.

While many were impressive by Spears' moves in her latest music video, they still don't compare to how she used to dance back in the day.

And, this time, Snooki may have her beat. Watch the reality star's dance above -- and re-watch Britney's video below. What do you think?

The comparison comes amid rumors that Spears' body was airbrushed in the new clip, after a visual effects studio that worked on it released some Before & After photos of their work.

HOAX Films says they did "sky replacements shots, set extensions and cleanup" on the video ... and many are interpreting "cleanup" as airbrushing on Brit's bod.

Check out the side-by-side below -- do you see a big difference? 


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