While we aren't getting another "Paranormal Activity" movie this Halloween, we are getting the trailer for one!

Paramount just released the first look at "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones," the Latino-focused spinoff of the freaky "found footage" franchise.

With mysterious bite marks, a gross-out eyeball moment and a potential exorcism, the trailer is packed with creepy imagery.

The flick also marks the return of Molly Ephraim's "Ali," who appeared in "Paranormal Activity 2," and sisters Kristi and Katie ... or, at least, possessed child versions of them.

We're curious how much of this footage will actually be in the finished flick. The series has a history of using scenes in their trailers that are nowhere to be seen when the movie hits theaters.

"The Marked Ones" opens January 3, 2014 -- will you be seeing it?

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