Time travel movies can be tricky, but "About Time" is one that gets it right.

With a bold mix of sci-fi, romance and comedy, director Richard Curtis has crafted another film that packs an emotional punch -- and serves as a whimsical followup to his beloved 2003 film "Love Actually."

The movie revolves around Tim (the charming Domhnall Gleeson), a young man whose life gets "complicated" after his father (the equally charming Bill Nighy) tells him all the men in their family have the ability to go back in time.

Tim uses this power to get women, finding his match in Mary, played by America's Sweetheart Rachel McAdams. With her blunt bangs and "everygirl" fashions in this film, Rachel is more relatable than ever.

There are twists and turns along the way, as with any time travel movie, and the butterfly effect has a few interesting ramifications.

But while much of the trailers have focused on the love story between Tim and Mary, the core of the film is the relationship between Tim and his dad.

Oh yeah, and it's a relationship that will likely make you cry -- so bring a tissue.

When the credits came up, there was a symphony of sniffles and "That was so cute" from the audience. If that's not how you like to feel after a movie, this one isn't for you.

While it runs a little long at 123 minutes and some of scenes are a little too saccharine for their own good, the movie as a whole is hard not to enjoy and one that carries a great message.

Even with time travel, you can't change everything, so enjoy what you have while you do.

"About Time" opens today in theaters.


- Brian Particelli

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