The Miss Universe pageant is underway in Russia, with the contestants showing off their national costumes on Monday.

But did Miss U.S.A. confuse the event for Comic-Con?

Erin Brady hit the stage in what can best be described as Optimus Prime meets Spandex. Check out her confusing choice below. And no, this is not a joke:


We're not sure what about this outfit symbolizes America, aside from a few stars on her shoulder. To make matters worse, her costume apparently lights up green.

We do have to give Erin props for being able to walk in those insane boots. If she ever has trouble, she might transform into a truck and drive off the stage.

If you think Erin's costume is crazy, wait until you see Miss Canada's sexy mountie uniform and Miss Great Britain's lingerie getup. You can almost see her crown jewels.

Click on the "Launch Gallery" to see the 20 Worst Miss Universe 2013 costumes above!

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