Maybe Uncle Si should stick to duck calls!

toofab has obtained an exclusive clip of the kooky "Duck Dynasty" star and niece Sadie recording their unique version of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" for their new holiday album ... and it's clear they had to do a few re-takes.

Between Si making up reindeer names like "Yahoo" and Sadie cracking up, it wasn't an easy recording session!

"I could not stop laughin'," admits Willie and Korie Robertson's oldest daughter. "He was just making up all kinds of weird, random names. It was great."

"Si is so funny. he's even funnier in person," adds Sadie. "On the show he has 30 minutes to be funny, in person, he has all day long."

We'd love to see the raw footage from this session. It must have taken all day!

The track is featured on the Robertson's new Christmas album, "Duck the Halls," available now on iTunes.

The "Duck Dynasty" holiday special also airs Wednesday on A&E. Check out the hilarious sneak peek pics from their Nativity re-enactment below!


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