Things have definitely changed over at MTV since the last time "Real World" took place in San Francisco.

Back in 1994, seven strangers were picked to live together in what would become one of the series' best seasons.

With HIV-positive housemate Pedro Zamora and the confrontational David "Puck" Rainey, the conflicts between the stars seemed both real and important, and made the show a hit for the network.

Flash forward to twenty years later.

The show returns to The City by the Bay tonight -- and introduces a whole new twist. 

This time, the housemates exes will pop up on the show as well, after the stars have started hooking up with each other. And you know what that means: Bring on the booze-fueled catfights!

It's clear the show has taken a trashy turn ever since it first went to Las Vegas -- but with 29 seasons under their belt, MTV must be doing something right.

Will you be tuning in tonight? Sound off below.

And see what some of your favorite "Real World"-ers through the years look like now in the gallery above!

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