That didn't take long.

It's possible the new season of "The Bachelor" peaked with the second episode -- because it's going to be hard to top the ridiculous meltdown one very drunk contestant had on Monday's show. Check out the crazy antics above.

So, what caused Victoria to spiral out of control?

After finding Juan Pablo Galavis talking to another contestant, she went crazy, sequestering herself in a bathroom stall while wailing about not getting to have a 1:1 with him. At least, that's what we could make out from her slurred speech.

The 24-year-old legal assistant then threatened to leave the show, screaming at producers about how "Done" with it she was.

The next morning, in the harsh light of day, Victoria apologized to Galavis for her behavior, but it was not enough to secure her a rose. 

Smart move, Juan Pablo!

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