You never forget your first time, right?

In a special episode of "Bethenny" airing Friday, Bethenny Frankel sits down with Yvette Nicole Brown and opens up about when she lost her virginity.

Check out the video above to see how old Frankel was when she parted ways with her V Card -- and hear Brown's Valentine's Day horror story!

"Not everybody loves Valentine's Day, I like it I mean I have mixed feelings about it," the talk show host later reveals.

"It brings up a lot of different things, where you are in your life, if you're singe, if you're married, if you're in a relationship…but you can make the best of it you can totally come from a place of yes. It could be about spending it with your children, buying them big teddy bears, having a girls night out, I feel like you can make Valentine's Day work for you."  

"It doesn't bother me," Yvette added. "I kind of feel like everything in God's time. If you're single, ladies if you're single, your love will come, don't hate this day and don't hate on people who have love this day. One day it'll be you, that's the way I see it."

We think both the ladies have a pretty good outlook when it comes to the special day. Are you surprised by Frankel's confession? Sound off below and find out when even more stars lost their virginity in the gallery! 

Make sure to tune into "Bethenny" Friday for all the Valentine's Day discussions!


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