Jimmy Fallon sent Lindsay Lohan home soaking wet.

The actress appeared on "The Tonight Show" on Thursday night to promote her upcoming OWN special -- and ended the episode covered in water.

While the two did talk a lil bit about the Oprah Winfrey series, the highlight of her appearance definitely came at the end of the episode, when Jimmy challenged LiLo to a game of Water War.

What is "Water War" you ask?

It's a modified version of the card game War, with two people picking from two separate decks of cards. The person with the higher card wins that round -- and, in this case, the winner gets to douse the loser with a glass of water.

While Jimmy won the first hand, completely soaking Lindsay with a full glass, Lohan must have had the power of Oprah in her corner ... because she didn't lose another one after that!

Check out the video above to see Jimmy's hilarious reaction when he realizes his white shirt is see-thru when wet. Plus, find out what Lohan got to take home for a prize! 

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