Are the people of Terminus cannibals? Will Rick be a badass next season? And will Glenn and Eugene finally hook up?

Those are the questions fans are asking after last night's season finale of "The Walking Dead." Well, some of them anyway.

Josh McDermitt, who plays the mullet-loving scientist Eugene on the AMC series, talked with toofab's Brian Particelli about Sunday night's shocking ending ... and teased Season Five.

And while he's a relative newcomer to the show, McDermitt's already got some very interesting fans. Fans that, for some reason, want him to run away with Glenn ... despite both of their characters being straight.

Yep, even "The Walking Dead" has shippers.

He also revealed that the set isn't all blood, beheadings and breakdowns -- letting us in on what really goes on behind-the-scenes of such a serious TV show.

Check out the video above to see what he thinks will happen next season, and how he keeps his mullet looking "so fly." 

And for more "Walking Dead" awesomeness, click the gallery below and see some hilarious photos from the set of the show! 


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