Oh Rexy, you're so sexy!

April 8 is a VERY important day, at least for '90s kids who couldn't get enough of the cult classic "Empire Records." 

So, what's with today, today? Well, April 8 was dubbed "Rex Manning Day" by superfans of the flick, getting its name from the aging pop star who visits the title store in the film.

Featuring early performances from Liv Tyler, Renee Zellweger, Robin Tunney and our eternal crushes Ethan Embry and Johnny Whitworth, the movie chronicled the hook ups and screw ups of a ragtag group of record store employees.

With a ridiculous GWAR cameo, a killer soundtrack, some hilarious music videos and a pre-"Jerry Maguire" Renee rocking out to "Sugar High," "Empire Records" is easily one of our favorite movies ever.

To celebrate, check out 5 Fun Facts about the flick below -- and click the gallery above to see what all the stars look like today!

1.) After shaving her head for her role as the suicidal Deb, Robin Tunney had to wear a wig for her next big role in "The Craft." 

2.) Ethan Embry says he ate real pot brownies for his hallucination scene, telling People "That was the last day of shooting and it was the last scene that I was in, so of course they were pot brownies!"

3.) Liv Tyler calls the movie the "highlight of my whole youth," telling EW "We all lived on Myrtle Beach in South Carolina in these little condos on the beach. We had more fun off camera than we had on camera!"

4.) Tobey Maguire was cast in the film, but later dropped out of the project. His name, however, still appears in the credits -- and Embry tells toofab that if you "don't blink and you'll see him in the crowd during the party."

5.) Mark and AJ are still friends! Ethan says he sees Johnny Whitworth regularly -- and even went to CrossFit together earlier this week.

FYI, some of the cast will be live tweeting the movie tonight at 7pm PT. Follow Mark himself, @EmbryEthan, for more info!

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