"Mean Girls" was almost a very different movie.

To celebrate the film's upcoming 10th reunion later this month, Daniel Franzese revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets in a new interview with Cosmopolitan -- including one of the actors who was almost cast as high school hottie Aaron Samuels!

Daniel, who played "too gay to function" Damian in the flick, says Jonathan Bennett wasn't the first choice to play Regina George's BF.

"There was another actor who was playing Aaron Samuels at the dinner [where the cast met]," says Franzese. "Now, the next day at the table read, this other actor hadn't shaved and he didn’t take his hat off; he was playing it really cool. People kept coming over to him like, 'You know, you should really take your hat off.' And then, right after the table read, he got fired and they called Jonathan Bennett, who I guess was their second choice."

While Daniel wouldn't reveal who that actor was, only saying that he's "somebody who you would’ve known," he did mention another star who was in the running.

"Also, Lindsay [Lohan] recently told me that James Franco was considered for the role of Aaron Samuels. I thought that was so cool -- Bennett was great but that would’ve been cool."

James does look sexy with his hair pushed back ... 

Daniel also talked about a "Mean Girls" ending that unfortunately was never filmed.

"He [Damian] was going to audition for 'American Idol,'" Franzese reveals. "Simon Cowell was going to call him chubby and then he was going to run up on the stage and punch him."

That certainly would have been interesting!

Check out the gallery above to see what Daniel and the rest of the cast look like now -- some of them have changed a lot since the film's 2004 release. 

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