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Julia Roberts will do anything for her fans!

The Oscar-winning actress makes an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Wednesday, where she surprises Edgar, the Oscars pizza delivery man, who has a big crush on her.

As the talk show host closes the show, she asks Edgar to come out with pizza for the audience. But, he doesn't know that Julia is hiding out behind the plants. 

"Is Julia Roberts still your favorite?" Ellen asks Edgar, as Roberts starts to sneak up behind him. "Yes," he replies.

When "The Normal Heart" star asks for a slice, the pizza guy has the most adorable reaction. Check out the video above to see the star-struck fan meet his celebrity crush!


Earlier in the show, the blonde beauty reveals to Ellen that she has tattoos.

"Well, some things I can tell you the answer to and some things I’ll tell you later," Roberts says with a smile.

"Okay. Tell me what you can now," Ellen says. "Um, I have all my children’s names and my husband’s initials. "Oh, you didn’t want to commit to his name?" the comedienne asks.

"Well, you know actually it was…we were brave or idiotic because it was before we got married," she admits.

Who knew Julia is such a risk taker?

Watch the clip below to see what else the actress says about her tattoos, and find out what she thinks of George Clooney's fiance! 

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