Drew Barrymore gave birth to her newborn baby girl Frankie less than three weeks ago, but she's already back to work!

The 39-year-old actress joins her "Blended" costar Adam Sandler on an upcoming appearance of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" -- and she looks amazing!  

"It feels like a miracle and it's also so awesome I have to say," Drew says about stepping out so soon after giving birth. "I feel like I actually have, first of all, I love this movie and I would never not like show up for it and I feel so good and happy. My kid is healthy. I have nothing to complain about. Like, I'm so blessed."

The blonde beauty reveals that her eldest child — 20-month-old daughter Olive — has happily welcomed baby Frankie into the family. 

"She really gets that she has a sister and she says, 'Frankie, sister,'" she explains. "She loves playing with her and she's not mad about it at all, yet. It's all positive at this moment."

Barrymore also explains how she and hubby Will Kopelman decided on their baby girl's name, noting that almost everything they liked sounded like food or colors when paired with Olive.

"We, um, it was just a name that like came to my husband and I about a few months before she was born and it was just sort of like I think this is it and then we just gave ourselves the room to change our mind but we never did. Not the most interesting story," Drew says.

"Blended" is the third film that the funny pair has worked together on, after previously starring in "The Wedding Singer" and "50 First Dates." 

"The most fun thing about working with Adam is seeing how good he is to everybody," the actress declares. "Like how happy the set environment is. He's a good human, he's got a good heart, he's a good dad, a good working partner to me, an amazing husband — he's just like a good person."

Adam jokes that the best thing for him was "getting to make out with [Drew]."

We love these two together!

Check out the video above to see what else they say about reuniting on-screen, and click "Launch Gallery' below to see more celebrity post-baby bods, before and after.

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