Remember the good 'ol days when Jessica Simpson didn't know that Chicken of the Sea wasn't actually made of chicken?

She does ... and she she'd never do it again!

The singer opened up about her time on "Newlyweds" with ex-husband Nick Lachey during a new interview with "Entertainment Tonight."

"I am blessed that I did have that show," Jessica says now, even though the couple didn't make it in the long run. "It allowed people to come into my life, and to know me as a person, and I owe a lot of my support -- my fans came from that because people could relate to me."

As for the future, she says she will "absolutely not ever do" another reality show, so don't expect to see little Ace, Maxwell and fiance Eric Johnson on the small screen anytime soon.

Simpson talked to ET at the Forbes' Women's Summit on Thursday in NYC, where her hair and makeup looked flawless. Her dress, on the other hand, was a little medieval-looking and gave us some serious "Game of Thrones" vibes -- it's a little dark for her, right?

Simpson is set to tie the knot with Johnson over 4th of July weekend -- and we can't wait to see the photos!

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