Tori Spelling's
in the hot seat! 

The actress sits down with Brooke Anderson in the upcoming reunion special for "True Tori," where Spelling reveals why she never asked Dean McDermott how many women he actually cheater on her with.

Check out the clip above to hear her heartfelt answer!

We appreciate the former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star's honesty, although she might want to know an exact number one day. Do you think it's more than just the mysterious Emily Goodhand?

The 41-year-old's been answering a ton of the tough questions from friends and fans in the final episodes of the show.

She was also asked if she thinks she had it coming, since she and Dean cheated on their exes with each other. See what she says below:

It will definitely be interesting to see what else comes out about their relationship on "True Tori -- The Reunion: All Questions Answered" special, airing tomorrow night at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime.


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