Dean McDermott won't be forgetting his wedding vows again -- because he's now got them permanently inked to his torso!

The reality TV star revealed his brand new tattoo on last night's "True Tori" reunion special, surprising wife Tori Spelling by getting her vows inked to his ribcage.

"I've broken these vows," he told Spelling. "It's a gesture of a new beginning and I will never break these vows again." Tori called the body art "beautiful."

"I will wipe your tears with my tiny hands. I will comfort you with my body and embrace you with my wings. I love you, my beautiful boy, for all of eternity," the tattoo reads.

This is hardly Dean's first tattoo dedicated to his wife. He also has her face on one of his forearms and her name above his privates. Spelling also has his vows on her ribcage.

Another big moment of the finale came when Brooke Anderson asked Tori about online gossip speculating that Dean's mistress, the mysterious Emily Goodhand, was fake.

"I wish she didn't exist," said Tori. "I wish it hadn't have happened. I don't know who would fake something like this. My family still is in complete devastation over this. I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone."

As for the current state of their relationship, it looks like they're still dedicated to trying to make it all work out -- though they wouldn't reveal whether they've had sex with each other again yet.

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