Look at those dads move!

In honor of Father's Day, Jimmy Fallon teamed up with fellow famous father New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on "The Tonight Show" Thursday to show us where all those groovy dad moves came from in "The Evolution of Dad Dancing."
The duo both wore khaki pants and polo shirts, with Fallon adding a mustache and wig to his costume.

The pair performed the "Belt Grabber," "Lawn Mower," "Oh, Stop It! I'm Not Embarrassing You!," "Passionate Elliptical," "Honk the Horn," "Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around" and more!

The best part? Christie stormed off when Fallon performed "This Bridge Is Closed."

The late night host was poking fun at the scandal regarding the closure of the George Washington Bridge last fall. 

Watch them break it down above, and click "Launch Gallery" below to see more famous fathers! 


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