"Honey I Shrunk the Kids" Turns 25: Star Thomas Brown Remembers Film
'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' Cast Now

They're not "kids" anymore.

25 years ago today, "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" became an unexpected hit for Disney, as families flooded the theaters to see what happened after a group of neighborhood kids were blasted by a shrinking ray and left to fend for themselves in their suddenly-dangerous backyard.

Starring Rick Moranis and young actors like Thomas Brown, Amy O'Neill, Jared Rushton and Robert Oliveri, the flick was a massive success when it was first released, spawning two sequels, a TV series and an attraction at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios.

To help celebrate the milestone anniversary, toofab's Brian Particelli sat down with Thomas Brown, who played the slightly short, but totally dreamy, "boy next door" Russ Thompson Jr.

Now 41, the actor really opened up about working on the film in his teens -- describing the crazy conditions shooting in Mexico City, his favorite moment to film on the giant set and revealing one secret we've ALWAYS been curious about: What was the giant cookie made out of?!

In the clip below, Brown also describes what it was like to suddenly be recognized by a new fan base after the film's success, revealing why he shied away from being a "Hollywood" heartthrob and decided to settle down at a young age instead.

He also gives us an update on who he's kept in contact through the years and what some of his costars are up to today.

These days, Thomas is living happily with his wife of 23 years and their children in California. He continues to act and will star in director Glenn Withrow's "The Firemen" later this year. He tells us he's also preparing to direct his first film too -- and is "looking forward to the next 20, 30 years of my life."

To find out what happened to the rest of the cast, with tales varying from success to tragedy, click through the gallery above.

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