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When Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino got arrested after a fight with his brother last month, we had one question -- were there reality show cameras rolling?

The two got into it over how to run their Boca Tanning Club salon, with Situation walking away from the battle with a nasty black eye and wrist cast (above).

The former "Jersey Shore" star is certainly no stranger to reality show brawls and another one with older brother Frank would be great material for the family's new series, "The Sorrentinos."

So, will we see Mike and Frank go to blows on the TV Guide Network?

toofab has confirmed that production had already wrapped when the tanning salon scuffle went down, so they don't have it on film. But, TVGN decided to pick up a 9th episode of the series after the arrest to address and follow up on the family fisticuffs.

We're told the extra episode was shot "in an effort to tell a complete story about [the family's] lives."

toofab just talked to Mike about the new show, the aftermath of the fight and gave an update on his sobriety -- we'll have that interview for you on Thursday morning.

"The Sorrentinos" premieres July 15 at 10pm on TVGN.

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