We're finally learning the story before "The Conjuring"!

In the new trailer for "Annabelle," the spinoff of the creepy flick, we're getting to see the origins of the haunted doll that created terror in the beginning of movie.

Check out the trailer for "Annabelle" above!

In the horror prequel, we see a flashback of a couple murdered by two psychopaths. On their death bed, blood of the owners seeps into the doll. Fast forward to Annabelle's new caretakers, an expecting family, the demonic doll starts haunting their home.

In "The Conjuring," Annabelle was just one of the objects that the paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, had collected during their various supernatural interventions.

We're definitely excited to learn more about the creepy toy -- are you excited to see "Annabelle"? Sound off below!

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