This is how they roll!

Jimmy Fallon invited Heidi Klum to form a human wheel with him on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday night -- just like Halle Berry did last month.

But before the duo started rolling, the late night host had to get into position between the supermodel's legs.

"I'm not gonna look! I'm not gonna peek!" Fallon promised. "My eyes are closed! Trust me." He couldn't resist and said,"OK, I peeked!" 

"Have a look!" she said. "Peek! You know what it is? It's a gigantic mic pack with an antenna you know where!"

Jimmy did a quick countdown from there and he and Heidi completed two full rotations. Check out the video above to see the pair in action! 

We can see why the comedian wanted to sneak a peek -- check out her beach bod below.

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