Sam Smith's
painting a pretty sad picture.

The "Stay With Me" singer just released his new music video for "I'm Not The Only One," which stars Dianna Argon and Chris Messina, who play a couple going through some really tough times.

In the video,  the "Glee" actress plays Messina's wife, who knows the "Mindy Project" star been cheating on her with a sexy brunette. There are some pretty steamy scenes between Chris and his mistress, too! 

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Dianna puts on a brave face as her hubby leaves for work, but breaks down once he's out of the house. Next, we see Messina getting hot and heavy with his secret lover, behind closed doors.

The blonde beauty manages to put herself back together before her hubby arrives back home from his affair, Argon even welcoming him home with open arms. Brutal.

Sam's lyrics definitely come to life in the new music video -- check it out above.

In a much lighter note, Vin Diesel recently covered Sam's "Stay With Me" while promoting "Guardians of the Galaxy" -- and it's pure Internet gold. Check that out below.

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