These "Little Rascals" aren't so little anymore!

On August 5, 1994, a new generation of children was introduced to the "Our Gang" crew -- as Alfalfa, Spanky, Buckwheat, Darla and the rest of the "He-Man Woman Haters Club" hit the big screen in an updated adaptation of the classic TV series.

20 years later, the child actors that filled the film are full grown adults ... and hot ones at that!

Click "Launch Gallery" above to see how much they've changed through the years and keep reading for our exclusive interview with Blake McIver, who played Waldo Aloysius Johnston III back in the day.

"We made [Little Rascals] so quickly," Blake recalls. "Where we really became friends was after the movie had wrapped and then we did the press tours together, that was really fun. We got to travel, got to do all this cool stuff. And since we were kids, we would do things like go to a press event at FAO Schwartz. That was like the greatest thing in the world!"

"We did keep in touch for a little while thanks to our moms. A lot of the cast had moved to L.A. to work and to continue auditioning after the movie," he continues. "But then we sort of lost touch as school went on and everybody went their separate ways. About four years ago we got back in touch thanks to Facebook, we all sort of found each other."

McIver made headlines last year when his part-time job as a go-go dancer in West Hollywood was uncovered -- something he was doing to finance his new album.

"It was really weird because I had done it in complete anonymity for about six months. I was just putting cash away to produce this record, that was my only goal," he says of his dancing gig. "I needed quick money, I don't have the money, I can make money silently and make music. It was all for the best, it was so weird. I thought no one would care!"

Blake released his album "The Time Manipulator" earlier this year -- check it out on iTunes!

Check out the video above to see what he has to say about his time on "Full House" and if people still recognize him all these years later.

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