There may be a whole lotta rumors about Beyonce and Jay Z's marriage right now, but in her world, everything is A-O.K.

After performing the final stop of their joint On the Run tour in San Francisco last night, Queen Bey took to Instagram on Thursday to thank all her fans with a photo of her husband and their daughter Blue Ivy.

Jay Z Hits the Beach with Baby Blue

And what she said in the caption was pretty telling...

"Thank you San Fran! Your city is beautiful. It was the perfect place to complete the best tour of my life! Thank you to all the fans that supported our show. God bless," she wrote.

It's the "best tour of my life" part that really stands out to us, as she clearly wants us to believe she's never been happier. And who knows, maybe she hasn't!

She also posted this on her official website:


Between the blowout elevator fight earlier this year, followed by their gossip-tainted tour, the power couple is probably ready for some downtime.

Check out more of Bey's personal pics in the gallery above.

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