Now that's surprising!

Larry King stopped by Thursday's "Conan" where he opened up about getting high (from second-hand smoke) with Snoop Lion.

O'Brien thought it would be a great idea to get high for real on the late night show, and shared some "pot brownies" with the guys.

The whole interview's pretty hilarious, and King even broke out in giggles almost immediately after ingesting the marijuana-filled treat.

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Check out the ridiculous video above!

But that wasn't the first time Larry's engaged in some marijuana use. Aside from inhaling second-hand smoke with Snoop, King admitted he's tried it a couple other times.

"I smoked it a few times with my doctor," the 80-year-old revealed. "It was very enjoyable, I liked it, but I used to smoke a lot of cigarettes and I had a heart attack in 1987."

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That's when O'Brien brought out the brownies. "What about edible marijuana?" Conan asked.

While Larry admitted he's not much of a "cookie man," he decided to take a few bites under the conditions that Conan and Andy Richter did too. "Ok, I'll take a bite if you take a bite," King told O'Brien.

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