Will Arnett may be in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," but that doesn't make him a ninja!

The actor showed off his skills in a game of "Karate Pinata" on "The Tonight Show" Thursday.

During the segment, Jimmy Fallon and the actor stood blindfolded in the Fiesta Ring. Four pinatas spun around and they had 20 seconds to try to break as many pinatas as he could.

"Are you ready, you son of a bitch," Fallon asked. "Yes, Sensei," Arnett responded, adding, "I think it’s the most dangerous game I’ve ever heard of -- challenge accepted." 

The "Arrest Development" star was up first, but he only broke one pinata. Then, it was Fallon’s turn, with a fresh 20 seconds on the clock.

He looked kind of spastic and mostly kicked the air, just like Arnett. Check out the hilarious clip above to see who won!

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