She was one of Robin Williams' youngest costars, but it's clear the actor made a big impact on Mara Wilson's life.

While she was only six when "Mrs. Doubtfire" came out in 1993, Wilson -- who played one of the late actor's children -- says their time together is all coming back to her after Robin's passing.

"Robin Williams, as I knew him, was warm, gentle, expressive, nurturing, and brilliant," she writes in a new post on her blog. "While it can be hard for me to remember filming Doubtfire, I’ve been flooded with memories in the past few days."

Those memories include the comedic genius ad-libbing on set.

"Chris Columbus, our director, would let Robin perform one or two takes with what was written, then do as many more takes as Robin had variations," Wilson explains. "Sometimes I wonder why they didn’t give him at least partial screenwriting credit."

"If you can affect someone when they’re young, you are in their heart forever," she continues. "It is remarkable how many lives Robin touched, and how many people said, just as I had, that he reminded them of their fathers. I suppose — could I really end this any other way? — we’re all his goddamn kids, too."

Her final line, of course, is a reference to a quote from "Mrs. Doubtfire."

Check out Mara's entire post -- it's a great and incredibly touching read -- over at her website.

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