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Brittany Snow wants to add another famous face to her singing squad!

The "Pitch Perfect" star opened up about the planned third installment of the beloved musical comedy while promoting her new commercial and partnership with Lipton's Sparkling Iced Tea.

Though "Pitch Perfect 3" is still in the very early stages of production -- even Snow hasn't seen or heard any details about the movie -- she knows one thing for sure, she'll be back!

"I know absolutely nothing," she tells toofab's Brittany Kyles about the flick. "It's kind of scary, because no one knows anything really, except that we are doing it and we are going to be playing the same characters and that's about all we know."

"We know that I am back playing Chloe, so I will probably have to go back to being a red-head. So, that's all that I can tell," she says.

But, if Brittany could add a few more famous faces to The Bellas, she'd love to get Amy Adams on-board.

"I've always said that I want Amy Adams to be the leader of The Bellas," she says about the Oscar-winner. "[Maybe] she was in The Bellas a long time ago or something -- well not that long ago, she's not that much older than me -- or something like that. I just think she is so great and such a great singer, she just seems like Chloe's older sister. I feel like they would just be really quirky and silly together."

Brittany has heard some buzz about the movie though, "I heard a rumor that Justin Bieber is going to be in it. I have not heard that in real life, I have only heard that on the internet, and I was very shocked," she says. "I mean that would be cool!"

While we've still got quite some time to wait for "Pitch Perfect 3," the 30-year-old does have a new movie coming out this summer with J.K. Simmons titled, "Late Bloomer."

"This is the second time that J.K. and I have worked together, [we] worked on one called the 'The Vicious Kind' in 2008 or 2009, and so J.K. and I have always really gotten along and I love him," she tells us. "He is the most kind, genuine man and all of his success is so deserved because he has worked so hard and I really look up to him."

For now, you can catch the "John Tucker Must Die" star in Lipton's Sparkling Iced Tea commercial.

"It was a lot of fun," she says about the new ad. "I have been working with Lipton now for a couple years -- because this is our second partnership together -- and it's just so great working with them. They give me a lot of freedom to play and be this kind of quirky character. So the shoot, once again, was really fun and I am really glad that it's going to be on TV."

Are you excited to see Brittany and the rest of the gang in "Pitch Perfect 3"? Sound off below and check out the gallery above to see more of your favorite teen movie stars then and now!

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