While appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", Caitlyn Jenner called out Kimmel and other late night hosts for jokes they made about her doing her transition.

"Kris and I, we had gone our separate directions, not because of gender issues but because of other things," she explained. "And there I was back in Malibu all by myself, and so I slowly went through, told all my children, because it had been just hammered all over the media for the longest time."

"In fact, guys like you making, uh, some jokes," she continued.

"We didn’t know what was happening, we thought you were just vain!" Kimmel joked in response. "We didn't know what was going on. I'm sorry about that, by the way."

Jenner accepted the apology and then pointed out how she railed on Jimmy Fallon for some of the comments he made at the time too.

"He deserves it, he said some really terrible things," Kimmel added. "He does that a lot, he's very hard on people!"

After all that, Jenner added that Kimmel's "always been my favorite."

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