Superfans rejoice!

TooFab has your first look at Russell Crowe as Jor-El aka Superman's father from the upcoming "Man of Steel." Sporting shaggy hair and a salt and pepper beard, Crowe will star opposite Henry Cavill.

Crowe has big shoes er ... shoulderpads to fill. Marlon Brandon famously played the role opposite Christopher Reeve in the classic 1978 "Superman."

Crowe's costume has a decidedly more modern take. His armor-like costume sports the El family crest (the famous S insignia), large pauldrons and a crimson cape. Underneath the armor is the same blue mesh/mail that is seen on Cavill's costume. Check out the full-size photo below:

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Crowe is used to wearing armor before -- he won the Oscar for "Gladiator."

What do you think of the costume? Tell TooFab in the comments below!

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