Judith Light -- best known as uptight ad exec Angela Bower on "Who's the Boss?" -- celebrates her 63rd birthday today!

The New Jersey native began her TV career on the soap "One Life To Live," which won her two Daytime Emmy Awards. Since her days on the hit 80s sitcom, she's gone on to star on "Ugly Betty," "Law & Order: SVU" and more, and even earned herself a Tony Award nomination last year for her role in "Lombardi" on Broadway. But what's up with her other "Who's the Boss?" costars?

Tony Danza -- the former baseball player turned live-in housekeeper on the show -- went on to host his own daytime talkshow and star in series such as "The Practice" and "Family Law." Alyssa Milano, who won the role as Tony's daughter Samantha at the age of 10, has gone on to star in "Charmed" and "My Name is Earl," and is also mom to a 6-month-old son.

Danny Pintauro played Angela's young son Jonathan on "Who's the Boss?" and kind of fell off the Hollywood map after the show's conclusion. The 36-year-old has done just a handful of projects in the last 20 years -- which is the exact opposite of Katherine Helmond who played Angela's feisty mother Mona. The 83-year-old has starred on a slew of series like "Coach" and "Everybody Loves Raymond" and has appeared in numerous films, including voicing a character in the animated "Cars" movies. She also appeared on an episode of HBO's "True Blood" last season.

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