Remember when Tori Spelling gave us some TMI about her sex life with husband Dean McDermott? Well, now she wants to make sure you know they're into some really kinky stuff.

In a previously unaired scene from "True Tori," we see the former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star at "the most angry" she's even been during one of the couple's therapy sessions -- fuming after McDermott walked out of the room because he was too frustrated with the cameras.

In the clip, Spelling and her therapist talk about why the actress and her husband have totally different stories when it comes to their more intimate moments, as Tori says they've been "doing things I'm pretty sure no married couple of 7 years with 4 tiny kids are doing at home." 

She also expresses some concern that this isn't the only time Dean has cheated, it's just the only time he got caught.

Since this was from an earlier episode, things between the couple are in a better place now. 

Do you think they're going to make it in the long run? Sound off below.

"True Tori: New Confessions" airs Tuesday, June 10 on Lifetime.