La Toya Jackson may be a reality television star now, but she hasn't always wanted to share her private life with everyone.

toofab's Rachel Hoffman caught up with the "Life with La Toya" star, where she revealed that she had a hand in helping "The Anna Nicole Show" become a reality. 

"Remember 'The Anna Nicole show?' They wanted that to be 'The La Toya Jackson Show,' the 58-year-old revealed. "They kept calling, and I kept saying no because reality TV was brand new then. I couldn’t imagine cameras following me. The last time they asked, I said no again, so they went ahead with Anna Nicole."

While La Toya wasn't ready to be in the limelight back then, she said that timing is everything. 

"They’ve asked me every year since, and this time, it was good timing for me. It was something that I was ready for and that I wanted," she explained. "The world didn’t know the real me. They assume or think they know who you are, and they usually get it wrong. It was my mother who pushed me to do this and said it’s important to show them who you are."


Not only has Jackson shown viewers the "real" La Toya, she's also letting them see all aspects of her personal life, including her recent engagement to her longtime business partner Jeffré Phillips.

Phillips popped the question while the pair vacationed in Hawaii last August, surprising his bride-to-be with a 17.5-carat diamond ring.

"When Jeffré proposed to me, he said ‘I didn’t get you a ring.’ I was fine with that and told him that I didn’t want a ring," she recalled. "Then he says let’s have dessert, and I lifted up the dome, and there was this ring. It was so beautiful and so big, and I said, ‘Oh my god, it’s ostentatious, it’s so big and gawdy.’ He said, ‘I know you love everything oversized and big,’ and he really got it oversized!"

Watch a sneak peek of the proposal below:

While the couple hasn't set a date yet, La Toya knows that the wedding will be spectacular. 

"The planning is going well -- we have a lot of great ideas. It will be a very regal wedding. I want it to be like Lady Diana’s," she explained, adding, "I don’t have a dress yet – all of that is yet to come. This is the early stage. We are still tossing around locations. I’ve looked in Southern California, but we’re still deciding. I want it to be spectacular."

The newly engaged star has said that she's always wanted to adopt children. So, is that still in her future?

"I’ve always wanted to adopt since the age of 16. It’s always been something I’ve wanted, but it’s not just me now. That’s something Jeffré and I have to decide together."

We can't wait to see what's next for La Toya!

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