Turtle is jacked!

Jerry Ferrara took to Instagram to share of photo of himself at the gym, pumping iron and flexing some very impressive muscles.

The actor, who's best known for his role as Vincent Chase's BFF Turtle on "Entourage," looks totally different in these workout snapshots.

"MAJOR MEATHEAD #FLEXIE PHOTO ABOUT TO POST… Yup there it is," he wrote along with the pics of his buff bod.

The 34-year-old star is getting in shape to play former boxer Arturo Gatti in an upcoming biopic.

"Ever since he got his role for the Arturo Gatti movie, we wanted to get him looking bigger and stronger and bulkier," Jerry's trainer Jordan Feramisco told People.

Ferrara works out "about four times a week," doing a combination of lifting weights and boxing.

His hard work is definitely paying off!

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