The cast of "American Horror Story: Freak Show" got a little bigger last week, with the addition of the larger-than-life character Ima Wiggles.

Played by Chrissy Metz and self-described as a "big fat pig," Wiggles fills a void at the sideshow left by the unfortunate (and brutal!) passings of both Ma Petite and Ethel Darling

And while some actors may be hesitant about taking a role where they're labeled a "freak" because of their size, Metz couldn't be more excited.

"I think because I've always been the black sheep, even in my family, as being different. I'm like, this is normal, this is good," Metz says in a Skype interview with toofab's Brian Particelli. "I can get down with this!"

Helping matters: She was told by producers she needed to wear a fat suit to achieve the over-sized look producers were looking for. 

"They were like 'Oh, we actually want someone who's larger' and I said 'Oh, O.K.," Chrissy tells us. "When they talked about fitting me for a fat suit, I was like 'This is so exciting!'"

And while last week's episode ended with Jimmy (Evan Peters) resting his head on her ample bosom, Metz teases another potential love connection ... one that could be very deadly for her!

"There's a lot of cute boys. It could be any of them," she says, before mentioning one person in particular. "Dandy, as sick as he is is very cute. His little tush, so cute!"

Check out the entire interview above to see if she was ever nervous about audience reaction to her character and what she thinks about Ryan Murphy's claims that all the seasons of the FX series are connected.

"American Horror Story: Freak Show" airs Wednesdays on FX.