Tia Mowry does it all!  

Between an acting career with her role on "Instant Mom," to being a wife and mom in her everyday life, Tia certainly wears a lot of different hats. 

toofab's Candice Brock sat down with the former child star to talk about her Kid Smartz dance contest, juggling her career and motherhood, her sister Tamera Mowry's exciting baby news and her plans for expanding her own family.

0122_tia_launch"I'm always striving to find balance in my life. But I think what works for my family is, we prioritize and we communicate with each other about what's important to us," she said. "Once a week, it's really important for my husband and myself to have a date night, or at least once a week it's really important for the whole family to go out and have dinner together."  

Speaking of family, the 36-year-old's twin sister,Tamera, recently announced that she is expecting baby #2! Will Tia follow suit?

"It's so funny because that happens to be the question that a lot of people are asking," she laughed. "It's very busy in our household right now, so it's all about trying to find that right time to bring another child into this world. But it's definitely something that's on my radar."

Tia is already mom to son Cree, 3 ... you've probably seen his adorable pictures all over her Instagram feed. While he already has some modeling experience, we wanted to know if the "Sister Sister" alum had any plans to put him in the business further.  

"He's actually gotten several offers so far to be part of some campaigns or what not, and I'm not sure.  It just has to make sense," she says.

Check out the video above to see how she feels about him being a child star!