0226_zelda_launchRobin Williams’ family is still learning to cope with the actor’s tragic passing last August.

The late comedian's daughter, Zelda Williams, spoke publicly for the first time since her father’s death on "Today." 

The 25-year-old sat down with correspondent Kate Snow in an interview that aired Thursday morning. After explaining her efforts to carry on her father's charitable work through the Noble Awards, Williams touched on her struggle to pick up the pieces.

"It's going to take a lot of work to allow myself to have the sort of fun, happy life that I had, but that's important," she said. "Anybody who has ever lost anyone works very hard to continue that memory in a positive way."

Williams added that she doesn't think "there's a point" in exploring the reasons why her father took his own life. For her, it's more important to accept it and move on.

"You know it's taking it one step at a time," she explained. "The world keeps spinning. There's no point questioning it and no point blaming anyone for it, and there's no point blaming yourself or the world or whatever the case may be because it happened and you have to continue to move and you have to continue to live and manage."

She also posted a pic on Instagram to reflect on her father's charitable causes, specifically the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Check out the clip above to hear more from Zelda. 

An enormous thank you to @tvkatesnow and the @todayshow, for allowing me the opportunity to raise awareness and help support one of Dad's favorite charities, the @cafoundation. Also, thank you to the Noble Awards, for letting me honor Dad's CAF triathlon teammates, Ironman Scott Tinley and Paralympian Rudy Garcia, and presenting them with a 50k donation to be allotted towards the endowment CAF is creating in my father's memory. The Challenged Athletes Foundation is a non-profit that provides education, community support and the sports adaptive prosthetics/specialty wheel chairs not often provided by health insurance that allow those in need the ability to regain the sort of mobility most believe they'd never have again. Whether they're veterans, children or adults, CAF does whatever they can to help them once more lead full, active lives. Dad did the 44 mile bike leg of the CAF triathlon with Rudy and Scott from 1998 until his health no longer allowed him to do so in 2009, and it meant the world to him. While I'm in no way capable (at least not yet 😄) of biking 44 miles, I will do everything else in my (decidedly less athletic) power to continue Dad's legacy and support the charities he loved that I've watched first hand change thousands of lives. Thanks everybody ❤ (btw, if you TL;DR this, you're a lazy bum! Ha 😁) fabulous hair and makeup by the lovebugs at @901too, and beautiful dress (and might I add, the comfiest ever) by @Prada

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