Pepper the Pinhead no more!

"American Horror Story" star Naomi Grossman was spotted out in Los Angeles looking very different from her small-screen counterpart.

The actress, who was required to shave her head for two season of the hit series and sport a ton of prosthetics, was nearly unrecognizable on the red carpet at the 3rd Annual Reality TV Awards.

Sporting a red, off the shoulder evening dress and gold accessories, Grossman looked great -- while also rocking a noticeably longer 'do.

“I keep texting my stylist, like ‘What do you think, should we do streaks? Highlights next? Do you like the color? What do you think, Robin Wright Penn or shaggy rocker?’ and he’s like ‘Just hold off a minute, just get hair first,'" Grossman told toofab's Candice Brock on the red carpet. "I’m so excited; I actually have like hair to do something with!”

While we saw her play Pepper for two seasons on the show, Naomi has expressed interest in returning as a new character in a future season. So, will she pop up on "Hotel," alongside Lady Gaga?

"Of course there’s a chance. Anything’s possible in 'American Horror Story,'" she teases. "Anything could happen. The Beatles could be resurrected and reunited on that show, anything could happen!"

We also put her on the spot, asking what she'd like to see next in a show that's already covered everything from demon babies to minotaurs.

“I’m sure there have been mass murders in hotels, that’s probably where I would look first," she says of possible ideas for next season. "They always draw upon the past and history, so I imagine it’ll be something like that."

We'll see if she's right when "American Horror Story: Hotel" premieres this fall.

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