Maya Rudolph's SNL days might be over, but she still does one helluva impression! 

The former "Saturday Night Live" cast member stopped by "Late Night With Seth Meyers" on Monday, where she had some fun with her former costar as they discussed current events.  

The host began to tease the 42-year-old funny lady about her striking resemblance to former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal, who made headlines earlier this month when her parents outed her as a white woman.  

"This happens when you leave SNL, sometimes things will happen in the news people will say 'Oh my god it's such a shame you're not there,'" the 41-year-old explained. "And I feel like you have to have been getting this a lot lately!"

The "Bridesmaids" star revealed that she can't seem to escape the comparisons to the controversial figure.  

"I've been getting that thing kind of on a daily basis with Rachel Dolezal," she revealed. "I remember Tina [Fey] saying when Sarah Palin was happening, everyone kept saying, her doorman's like, 'You gotta be Sarah Palin!' But it happens to me every day, people are like, 'Oh, it's too bad, you haven't been on SNL since 2007. You have to play this lady.'"

Lucky for us, Maya decided to imitate Dolezal on the fly!

The hilarious star grabbed a big curly wig from behind her chair and proceeded to recreate a recent interview where Dolezal attempted to dodge questions about her race. 

Watch the full hilarious skit above then sound off below on what you think of Maya's Dolezal impression!