Warning: For the 1% of the population that hasn’t finished watching Season 3 of "Orange is the New Black," do NOT read past this line.

For everybody else, please continue.

So season 3 was good, but it realllly left us hanging. Where the hell did Bennett go? Was Stella ever released? Will Red and Healy do the dirty? We demand answers.

What we do know is that another season is definitely in the works -- and several members of the OITNB cast have already been posting photos from the set.

We still have to wait until 2016 for those new episodes to finally drop, but until then, we're left pondering these 5 BIG questions.


1. Where is Bennett?

So Daya has the baby – it’s a girl! – and decides to keep her. But Bennett is nowhere to be found. WTF? He's not the kind of guy you’d take for a dead-beat dad, especially after he had previously proposed to the Litchfield inmate (with a ring he made from a gum wrapper). We assume his chaotic visit with Caesar had something to do with his decision to bounce, but we don’t necessarily agree with it. Bennett better come back in season 4 and man up. That baby needs her daddy, and that prison needs a security guard who at least kind of knows what he’s doing.


2. Did Alex get whacked?

We’ll admit it – we, too, thought Piper’s sometimes ex was being overly paranoid and slightly crazy at some points during season 3. But it turns out, it was all justified. In the finale, we learned the same guy who shot Alex’s former drug dealer coworker got a job as a Litchfield security guard. Yep, her hunch that her ex-boss sent someone to find her and kill her could very well turn out to be true. But we hope not!

And speaking of Alex, we’re still kind of pissed that Piper cheated on her. RIP our favorite lesbian couple. Think Poussey and Soso or Crazy Eyes and her new love interest will take over that spot? And what about Red and Healy? So many relationship questions!


3. What happens to Stella?

So Piper seems to take on this manipulative, power-hungry persona toward the end of season 3 when she decides to start a prison panty business. This was around the time we fell absolutely and completely in love with Stella (played by Ruby Rose), who worked with Pipes in the prison’s sewing room. We were under the assumption Piper shared our sentiments toward the tattooed Aussie until the latter stole money from Piper to help get herself on her feet once she left prison. On the day of Stella’s supposed release, Piper planted contraband all over Stella’s room for the guards to discover…meaning she’s not being released. All we can say is that we hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of Stella. #TrustNoBitch


4. How long will that rapey guard be around?

Poor Pennsatucky. We got to know her a little better this season. She’s not new to the feeling of powerlessness that results from unsolicited sex. And if she thought she had escaped her life of rape and abuse when she got to prison, she was wrong. Among the new guards hired was Officer Coates. He takes a liking to Pennsatucky, and the two begin what starts off as a cute relationship. But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for the former meth addict, as he then forced himself on her.

With the help of fellow inmate Boo, Pennsatucky finds a way out of her job as driver. Unfortunately, it seems as though the sex-hungry security guard finds his next victim rather quickly – Maritza Ramos. Think she'll put up a fight?


5. Does Nicky ever come out of max?

Perhaps the most heart breaking moment of season 3 was when Nicky was sent to max after a heroin deal with Officer Luschek went awry and he ratted her out. Jerk.

We genuinely thought Red’s prison daughter would be released from max and sent back to join the rest of the Litchfield inmates at some point during season 3, but we never saw her again. Here’s to wishing Nicky and her sarcasm make a huge comeback in season 4. "OITNB" just wouldn't be the same without Natasha Lyonne and her wild hair!

What did you guys think of Season 3 -- and what do you really want to see go down next year? Sound off below!