Talk about one awesome collaboration!  

James Corden recruited Stevie Wonder for a very special segment of Carpool Karaoke on the "Late Late Show" on Monday. 

While the pair mostly spent the ride laughing and rocking out to Wonder's hit songs, Corden showed off his softer side when Stevie called James' wife Julia from the car. 

When the R&B singer started singing "I Just Called To Say I love You" to Julia, James couldn't help but tear-up. 

Stevie and James also talked about starting their own band together. "This is my new friend," Wonder said during one of his calls. "We're going to form a group." 

"Called the Wonder Cats," the "Isn't She Lovely" singer quipped. "Stevie, I love this!" James said. 

"We are going to headline every single place in the world," Stevie elaborated. "We are dressed in neon head-to-toe," James imagined. "We are blowin' up!" Stevie shouted. 

We'd love to actually see these two team up for a performance! What do you think about James and Stevie's carpool karaoke skit? Sound off below and check out the gallery to see more of your favorite singers then and now! 


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