It's the "Lip Sync Battle" to end all lip sync battles!

On Thursday night's episode of the hit Spike TV series, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie went head-to-head with two epic performances -- but it was the "500 Days of Summer" star who really left us speechless!

Both actors, along with Seth Rogen, appeared on the show's 2015 Holiday Special to promote their new movie "The Night Before". The "Captain America" star was the first to take the stage and gave a spot-on performance to MC Hammer's classic "2 Legit 2 Quit". The 37-year-old brought some stiff competition for Levitt with a group of backup and dancers. He even donned a white suit -- which he later ripped off -- inspired by the '90s rapper.

While Mackie's impersonation was pretty stellar, it was the 34-year-old "3rd Rock" alum who ultimately won this war thanks to his "Rhythm Nation" performance!

The star went full Janet Jackson for his amazing performance of her famous song, rocking a ponytail, makeup and her entire look from the music video -- and his dance moves left hosts LL Cool J, Chrissy Teigen and his costars in total shock!

Levitt pulled out all the stops and nailed all of her famous choreography...who knew he could even dance like that?! Check out Janet's original video below to compare!

Poor Mackie never stood a chance.