LL Cool J's expression says so much.

Spike TV just released a sneak peek at Thursday's new episode of "Lip Sync Battle," which sees Kaley Cuoco go head-to-head with Josh Gad ... and her "Big Bang Theory" costar Johnny Galecki.

The preview clip shows Gad's performance, as he takes on The Divinyl's self-pleasure classic "I Touch Myself" while dressed as Donald Trump. The number sees him stripping down from a fancy pant suit to a boxers made of dollar bills, before jumping onto a giant wrecking ball covered in the wannabe-President's infamous hair.

As if that wasn't random enough, it ends with Johnny arriving on stage atop a horse while dressed as a Mariachi singer. His mission: To make out with Trump.

Cuoco and host LL Cool J have some priceless reactions as the intense kiss goes down -- it's clear Kaley has some stiff competition!

While nothing is going to quite live up to the Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan-Tatum episode, this one looks like it could end up being pretty memorable too. We'll see who wins when "Lip Sync Battle" airs Thursday on Spike TV.